Summer Reading Tips

Summer Reading Tips

As a high school or middle school student, summer break is a time to relax and participate in fun activities. It’s time to forget about tests, exams, and most of all, homework!

But, it also provides the perfect opportunity to read for enjoyment. This means reading books and articles that you want to read, not that you have to read for school.

Reading during the summer provides some amazing benefits like:

  • keeps your mind sharp

  • reduces your stress

  • exposes you to new points of view

  • increases your ability to focus

  • increases your overall knowledge

  • adds to your overall sense of accomplishment

  • and more!

In fact, reading during the summer months will really help you get ready for when fall rolls around again!

Here are a few summer reading tips to help you stay on top of your reading during the summer months.

#1 – Set a Reading Goal

Set a goal for yourself. Decide how many books you want to read over the course of the summer, and make a plan for how you’re going to accomplish that goal. This could mean setting aside time each day or evening for reading or devoting certain days of the week to reading.

You can also consider creating a reading list or even a Top 10 list. This way, you’ll have a specific goal to work towards.

#2 – Find Great Books

To start your reading list, you can start by asking friends or family members who also like to read and share recommendations. Talking about what you’re reading can be just as much fun as actually doing it.

Also, consider going to your local bookstore to find books that look like they would be enjoyable to read. This way, you’ll not only be more likely to complete your goals, but you’ll actually enjoy the process as well.

And don’t forget to take advantage of your local library. Most libraries have extensive summer reading programs that can help you stay on track with your goals. Some even offer prize incentives for completing a certain number of books!

#3 – Put the Books on Your List

With your list in hand, figure out which books you’re actually interested in reading.

Note – there’s no point wasting time with a book you can’t stand just to check it off your list. If you’re struggling to get through a book that you’re not enjoying, it’s OK to put it down and choose something else. There’s no rule that says you have to finish every book you start.

Get a good book to read – something that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

#4 – Create Your Reading Plan

First, set aside some time each day for reading. Just like with any other activity, setting aside dedicated time will help you stay on track. Even 30 minutes a day can make a big difference and make sure that reading becomes a regular part of your daily routine.

Next, find a comfortable place to read. Whether it’s a hammock in the backyard or a cozy spot on the couch, make sure you’re comfortable so you can really get lost in the book.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of audiobooks and ebooks. If you’re having trouble finding time to sit down and read, try listening to an audiobook while you’re doing chores, working out, or hanging out at the beach. With ebooks, you can install your favorite reading app on your phone and take your reading with you wherever you may go.

#5 – Get Involved With Others

Reading is even more fun when you’re doing it with others! You can organize your reading fun with a group of friends, classmates, or even a book club. You can even come up with your own incentive or prize program.

You could have a friendly competition with family or friends to see who reaches their goals first!

With a little planning and effort, you can use these summer reading tips to make sure that summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying your favorite books.

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