We are a California-based company providing tutoring services for middle school, high school, and college students. Open ED focuses on specific academic coursework, executive functioning skills, prioritizing assignments, study skills, SAT/ ACT tutoring, college counseling, IEP (Individualized Education Plans), 504, and ADHD/ADD support.

In summer: we host in-person HS Prep workshops to help incoming high schoolers navigate 9th grade. We offer one-on-one remediation in Reading/ Writing and Math and support students who want to get ahead in their Math classes for fall.


Balancing homework, sports, extracurricular activities, and stress is important and OPEN EDvantage tutors equip students with tools to help them succeed in school and beyond.


  • STEP #1


    A keystone of student success is strong organization skills. Tutors analyze school portals with students, identify missing assignments, and create plans for upcoming deadlines.

  • STEP #2


    After identifying missing assignments and deadlines, together they determine the overall picture to decide which assignments are most important in boosting student grades.

    STEP #2

  • STEP #3


    Tutors help students master challenging concepts that build confidence going into tests and finals. Students learn study skills, executive functioning skills, and self advocacy skills.

  • STEP #4


    We guide students with the ins and outs of the school system. Answer questions about IEPs, 504s, college recruiting, course selection, and college admissions.

    STEP #4

“OPEN-EDvantage Tutors not only prepared our son for his Freshman year in high school with organizational support and tips to navigate this leap successfully, they are always there to provide additional coaching and support. OPEN-EDvantage Tutors invested additional time to help him become an outstanding writer. By spending time getting to know his personality and unique learning style, OPEN-EDvantage Tutors taught him critical thinking and communication skills that has guided him through his entire high school career. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with OPEN-EDvantage Tutors.”

“The session was important because I learned that what I do in high school is important for college and I need to start taking steps for my future freshman year.”

“Listening to OPEN EDvantage Tutors at the parents’ meeting opened my eyes to all the tools and resources they have available to the parents, to help us, and guide our kids, through high school, and hopefully in the process, reduce the stress that we all feel.

OPEN EDvantage Tutors is a wealth of information, knowing how to maneuver through the high school years smoothly, and also to prepare for college. I hope I can use OPEN EDvantage Tutors as a resource throughout my sons’ high school years, for guidance and support.”

“OPEN EDvantage Tutors’ perspective as a teacher gave me insights into how to succeed in high school. Organization and study techniques are so important. I benefited during my freshman and sophomore years from her class.”

“My daughter had a very successful and positive freshman year because she felt prepared for high school. She learned that organization is the key to success in high school. Note-taking techniques were helpful and OPEN EDvantage Tutors shared several websites that students can use to find information quickly when writing essays or studying for tests.”

“I feel like the session is really going to help me feel prepared for high school this year!”

“OPEN EDvantage Tutors was an amazing resource for our family. ‘Tutoring’ does not accurately describe their services. Yes, they help your student with homework, but they also help your student get organized, stay motivated, and set short and long-term goals. OPEN EDvantage Tutors help students who excel in high school and those who may need additional support services. We are so grateful for their help and highly recommend OPEN EDvantage Tutors!”

“Organization is key in high school, and the tips to stay organized that I learned in this summer’s class have helped me stay on top of everything this year and will all throughout high school.”

“Spent a few minutes on the phone with an OPEN EDvantage Tutor after she has had some time to work with my daughter. First, my daughter has truly loved working with her and I can see more energy and life from her. Second, she was upbeat, professional, and intuitive with me today. She had a great suggestion for my daughter to keep a time journal so she can track her time (as she easily loses her focus) and we collaborated on some ideas/messages and accountability for her moving forward.

So helpful to have this new resource. Just wanted you to know. Thanks to you both.”

Our Founders

Michelle and Amanda bring a wealth of academic excellence as well as a proven record of successful tutoring. OPEN EDvantage works with parents in advocating for their students and navigating the educational system.

Michelle Alessandria

A teacher for almost 30 years, Michelle holds a Master’s Degree in Education, teaching credentials in Multiple Subjects (K-12), Single Subjects in English and history, and Mild/Moderate Special Education. She supervises and trains new teachers working on their teaching credentials at St. Mary’s College and has taken numerous college counseling courses through UCLA. Michelle received her bachelor’s degree, Masters and teaching credentials at St. Mary’s College and San Francisco State University.

Having taught Special Education, AP European History, English, and World History, Michelle knows what it takes to help students succeed academically. Her own children attended the AUHSD schools, her daughter rowed crew at UCLA, and her son is a recruited scholarship water polo player at UCLA.

Amanda Alessandria

Amanda Alessandria

Amanda graduated with a BA from UCLA with Academic Honors in Political Science. She tutors and mentors students during high school and college. Amanda knows what it is like to be a student and how to succeed in a competitive environment. She participated in the rowing team at UCLA and knows how to balance academics and athletics.

Amanda is technologically savvy and makes tutoring fun.

We do not succeed unless our students succeed!

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