Executive Functioning Support

At OPEN EDvantage, we initiate your student’s academic journey with a personalized consultation with our education consultants. We focus on understanding and addressing your student’s unique educational needs, with a special emphasis on executive functioning. By tailoring our plan to each individual, we ensure a targeted and effective approach, designed to meet the specific challenges and strengths of each student.

How Our Tutors Help:

  • Organizational Skills: We support in organizing, prioritizing tasks, and planning long-term assignments.
  • Customized Prioritization Plan: Utilizing a specialized document to guide students through their weekly academic schedule, ensuring they keep track of assignments and study times.
  • Proactive Academic Support: Tutors work to customize a plan that addresses your student’s individual needs, supporting progress and success.
  • Comprehensive Learning Strategies: Students learn to get organized, study effectively, and stay motivated.
  • Session Planning and Follow-Up: Tutors help students check school portals for missing assignments and upcoming tests, email teachers about assignments, and prioritize tasks for the week.
  • Specialized Support: We support ADHD/ADD, 504, and IEP students, by integrating executive skills with subject specific academic tutoring for immediate relevance.

“OPEN-EDvantage Tutors not only prepared our son for his Freshman year in high school with organizational support and tips to navigate this leap successfully, they are always there to provide additional coaching and support. OPEN-EDvantage Tutors invested additional time to help him become an outstanding writer. By spending time getting to know his personality and unique learning style, OPEN-EDvantage Tutors taught him critical thinking and communication skills that has guided him through his entire high school career. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with OPEN-EDvantage Tutors.”

“OPEN EDvantage Tutors’ perspective as a teacher gave me insights into how to succeed in high school. Organization and study techniques are so important. I benefited during my freshman and sophomore years from her class.”

“OPEN EDvantage Tutors was an amazing resource for our family. ‘Tutoring’ does not accurately describe their services. Yes, they help your student with homework, but they also help your student get organized, stay motivated, and set short and long-term goals. OPEN EDvantage Tutors help students who excel in high school and those who may need additional support services. We are so grateful for their help and highly recommend OPEN EDvantage Tutors!”

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