Why OPEN EDvantage?

We differentiate ourselves by reviewing grades and assignments, encouraging self-advocacy, teaching time-management skills, and helping students prioritize and organize. Tutors communicate with parents and monitor student progress.

“OPEN-EDvantage Tutors not only prepared our son for his Freshman year in high school with organizational support and tips to navigate this leap successfully, they are always there to provide additional coaching and support. OPEN-EDvantage Tutors invested additional time to help him become an outstanding writer. By spending time getting to know his personality and unique learning style, OPEN-EDvantage Tutors taught him critical thinking and communication skills that has guided him through his entire high school career. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with OPEN-EDvantage Tutors.”

“My daughter had a very successful and positive freshman year because she felt prepared for high school. She learned that organization is the key to success in high school. Note-taking techniques were helpful and OPEN EDvantage Tutors shared several websites that students can use to find information quickly when writing essays or studying for tests.”

“Listening to OPEN EDvantage Tutors at the parents’ meeting opened my eyes to all the tools and resources they have available to the parents, to help us, and guide our kids, through high school, and hopefully in the process, reduce the stress that we all feel.

OPEN EDvantage Tutors is a wealth of information, knowing how to maneuver through the high school years smoothly, and also to prepare for college. I hope I can use OPEN EDvantage Tutors as a resource throughout my sons’ high school years, for guidance and support.”

Get the one-on-one support your student needs to achieve academic success!

High School and Middle School Academic Tutoring

We support students and create an individualized plan for academic success.

Executive Functioning

Students learn to organize, set goals, prioritize projects, learn time management skills, and build confidence.

College Essay Writing

College Counseling

Let OPEN EDvantage counselors guide you through the college application process!

High School Prep Workshops (In-Person)

OPEN-EDvantage workshops help incoming high schoolers Navigate 9th grade. We work with students to help them know what to expect in High School: how to be organized, handle stress, study for tests, and finals.

College Academic Support

We provide the essential tools for college students to succeed in their rigorous coursework.

Athletic Recruiting Coaching

Athletic Recruiting Coaching

Want to play sports in college? We will tell you everything you need to know!

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