Summer High School Prep Workshops

New Session Added: Wednesday, August 8th and Thursday, August 9th

Let’s Get Ready for High School!

Our workshop covers:

  • Balanced Scheduling: Learn how to harmonize homework, sports, and activities to maintain a healthy life balance.
  • Achievable Goal Setting: Use SMART goals to set realistic and attainable objectives.
  • Understanding Academic Performance: Discover the role of high school grades and how they contribute to your future without overstressing their importance.
  • Effective Study Techniques: Explore strategies for preparing for tests and finals that encourage efficient learning rather than last-minute cramming.
  • GPA Insights: Get a clear understanding of weighted and unweighted GPAs and what they mean for you.
  • Smart Organization: Master organizing and prioritizing school assignments and projects.
  • Enhanced Reading and Note-Taking: Develop skills in reading comprehension and note-taking.
  • Technology for Success: Identify helpful technology tools and learn how to use AI effectively.
  • Standardized Test Guidance: Understand the differences between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and strategize when might be the best time to take them.
  • Strategic Course Selection: Learn about the benefits of AP classes and how to choose them based on your interests.
  • Extracurricular Engagement: Explore the value of extracurricular activities and volunteer work.
  • College Preparation Insights: Gain insight into what college admissions officers look for and how to authentically showcase your strengths.
  • Maintaining Well-being: Incorporate wellness practices into your daily routine to manage stress and promote mental health.

2024 Summer Workshops:

Workshops are from 10AM to 1:00PM

Only remaining sessions available:
  • Session #7 – August 6th  and 7th
  • New Session – August 8th and 9th

Parent Meetings:

Parent Meetings are from 6:00PM to 7:30PM

  • Tuesday, July 30
  • Thursday, August 1
  • Tuesday, Aug 6
  • Thursday, August 8


Workshops and Parent meetings are at:

Lafayette Library Arts and Science Discovery Center
3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA 94549



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(or email: [email protected])

“OPEN EDvantage Tutors’ perspective as a teacher gave me insights into how to succeed in high school. Organization and study techniques are so important. I benefited during my freshman and sophomore years from her class.”

“My daughter had a very successful and positive freshman year because she felt prepared for high school. She learned that organization is the key to success in high school. Note-taking techniques were helpful and OPEN EDvantage Tutors shared several websites that students can use to find information quickly when writing essays or studying for tests.”

“I feel like the session is really going to help me feel prepared for high school this year!”

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