Test Preparation

Test Preparation: Top 5 Ways to Study More Effectively

At OPEN-EDvantage, we know that studying for a test or final can be challenging! From taking copious notes all semester long to last minute cramming, it’s all part of the overall goal to get a higher grade.

While there are many different ways to study, some test preparation methods are more effective than others. Here are five of the most effective methods to help you learn and retain information for exams.

#1 – Review Study Guides

A great way to store information is to print out teacher study guides and write out the answers. Instead of googling the answers try finding them in a textbook, notes or old assignments. Work with a study buddy to complete review sheets to save time. Find out if your teacher will allow a cheat sheet on a test or final.

#2 – Flashcards

The time-honored tradition of flashcards is an effective study tool because they engage you mentally, allow for repetition, and prioritize concepts. When we look at the front side of the card with each key term or concept, we’re able to make mental connections to remember what’s on the back side of each card. This saves us from having to stare at books or notes as well as taking advantage of learning by repetition.

#3 – Visual Aids

The use of charts, diagrams and other visual aids is helpful in understanding the material you study. The human brain has been wired to respond more positively towards images than text alone. This means that when we’re trying to remember something for an upcoming test, it’s best if there are some pictures included. Doodling can actually be an effective learning method!

#4 – Space it out!

By spacing out study session days or weeks before a large test, the information is easier to recall. The information gets stored into long-term memory. By retrieving memories on different days, they get better encoded in the brain. The more times this information is recalled, the easier it is to retrieve it for an exam.

#5 – Teach

Another great method to best understand a concept is by teaching it! Explaining concepts to others is an extremely effective way to recall information. Find a study buddy and teach them the material. A way to show mastery of something is by explaining it to others.

Test Preparation Made Easy

Remember, everyone learns differently and, as a result, there is no single study method that is guaranteed to work for everyone. But we hope that at least one or two of the techniques above will help students study more effectively and get higher grades on their next test!

For additional help, consider a custom tailored plan that’s unique to your student’s needs. Working through individualized questions, discussions, and activities, we can provide the extra help your student may need for homework, exams, and learning in general.

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