Write College Essays

How to Write High Quality College Essays

Applying for the right college is extremely important and knowing how to write college essays is key. The best college essays are to creative, unique and attention-grabbing.

But how can you do that?

There are many tips and tricks you can use to achieve student success while writing college essays. Listed below are just a few to get you started.

Tell a Story with Detail

One of the most important things when you write college essays is to share a story and some key lessons you gained. By outlining the story, and infusing it with your own key takeaways, you can show what you learned which reveals a lot about your own character. Many students miss this chance to share their personal side during the college recruiting process, and it’s a missed opportunity.

Sharing pivotal events in your life with the utmost attention and care will definitely make your essay stand out.

Know How Much Humor to Use

You never know who will end up reading the college essays you write, so you can’t assess how they will react to something you think may be fun. That’s why it’s always a good idea to try and stay away from limericks, off-color content or one-liners. For sure avoid anything that would be considered offensive.

That’s not to say you can’t sprinkle your essay with your own sense of humor. Focus on perhaps sharing your own self-deprecating humor or embarrassing situations. Always make sure it’s relevant and adds to the essay.

Keep the Right Length

Generally, college essays have a specified length. Keeping them short and simple is usually the right approach here. A wordy essay won’t incline the college recruiting balance in your favor. That’s why you want to focus more on substance rather than length. While there, avoid repeating any ideas, just share the essential and go into details where needed.

Always be sure to stay within the guidelines that your college has.

Structure Your Essay Properly

In order to make your essay easier to read, be sure to use proper structure. At the beginning of your essay, you’ll want to have a powerful hook that draws the reader in. Continue to be engaging throughout the essay and finish with a strong conclusion.

Your goal should be to produce a well-written essay, with sound structure, and an attention to quality.

Be Sure to Edit

Once you’ve completed your essay, be sure to edit! Grammar checkups are important because it can be hard to focus on accuracy and grammar when you’re in the middle of actually writing your essay.

That’s why you need to do a proper grammar check at the end of the writing process for all college essays. And while there, you may also want to ask someone else to check it out and edit as well. Getting another opinion never hurts, so keep that in mind.

You might also consider using a tool like Grammarly to review and edit your work.

Work with a Professional Tutor

As you can see, writing the best college essays is all about structuring the content properly, making the essay feel unique and personal, but also editing everything properly.

Generally, the best, high quality college essays require quite a bit of time to write, and they also need their fair share of editing. In the end, this will lead to great results, so you do need to take your time and focus on creating the best essay that you can. Spending the time to revise and edit will make a difference, and who knows, maybe you get some new ideas to add in as well.

Give these tips a try and you will find it easier to reach student success with your essay.

We know that it can be overwhelming to write a college essay. If you need any help, contact us here! We’re happy to help!

By Amanda Alessandria and Michelle Alessandria